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Max curto lead vocals and piano

Max - Lead vocals and piano

One of the UKs top swing and big band singers, Max has been performing all over country and overseas for over 20 years.

"I love performing with the Codas! It's a pleasure to share the stage with great musicians who feel the music. It just works so well. I love the energy, the audience reaction but above all the great friendships that underpin the band. It's so much fun and the audience sense it and join in!"


Hannah atherton lead vocals

Hannah - Lead vocals and piano

As an accomplished vocalist and musician, Hannah knows how to deliver a song. Her versatility enables her to handle many genres and she has the kind of voice you can listen to for hours.

"I've been performing on stage since I was a little girl but I have never had so much fun as when I sing with the Codas! Amazing musicians who know how to put on a show!"


Jason atherton keyboards guitar and backing vocals

Jason - Keyboards, backing vocals and sound

As a talented and versatile musician with over 20 years in the industry, Jason has the ability to lift the performance with his arrangements and technical know-how and helps bring to life the unique sound of the Codas.

"I love the attention to detail with the Codas. When you put in so much to get it right and the audience react to the music, you can't beat it!"

Im churchill drums and backing vocals

Tim - Drums

Tim is an incredibly talented and versatile drummer. His experience touring for a variety of bands for over 30 years is clear to see and hear.

"I've played with many bands but the way we clicked from the first rehearsal was incredible. It's like we'd been together for years! Everyone just enjoys the music and the friendship. It works, it works very well!"

Rob clack double bass and bass guitar

Rob - Bass and Double Bass

Clackie has been banging out classy bass licks for more decades than he can remember!

"The rock and roll of its era put out some beautiful tunes and what an amazing privilege it is to play with Curto & the Codas, bringing those wonderful songs back to life. It is a pleasure every single time!"

Vic maynard guitar

Vic - Guitar

Vic is the main guitar in the band. He produces a vintage sound with authentic instruments to create the sound of that era.

"Playing with the Codas is great fun and enables me to reconnect with the music I heard as a child in the 50s. I would watch my greatest inspiration as a guitarist, my older brother, performing many of these songs and now I get to play them live with a bunch of great musicians."